Bristol Suspension Bridge

Bristol Summer School on Probabilistic Techniques in Computer Science

6 - 11 July 2008

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Summer School videos

This page contains links to videos from the Summer School. We recommend that you download them and watch them offline; the videos can be played using VLC on Windows, VLC or mplayer on Linux, and QuickTime on OS X.

There are also links below to stream the videos. Streaming requires Flash 9.

Bela Bollobas (streaming link)

Graham Cormode (streaming link) Ayalvadi Ganesh (streaming link) Eyal Kushilevitz (streaming link) S. Muthu Muthukrishnan (streaming link) Seffi Naor (streaming link) Andreas Winter (streaming link) The video is x264 encoded at a resolution of 480*384 and 400 kbps; the audio is AAC encoded using the Nero encoder at 56kbps. The video was encoded using mencoder and the container is mp4, created using MP4Box, all on Linux.
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