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Undergraduate Admissions

How to apply

Teaching Technologist Vacancy

We are expanding our technical support for teaching and are now seeking applicants for a new post of Senior Teaching Technologist who will play a lead role in implementing the expansion. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with strong technical skills who wishes to move into education and work with young people in an innovative and rewarding learning environment.

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What is Computer Science?

A book just published answers the important question as to what exactly is Computer Science? The book, aimed at pre-University and first year undergraduates, takes a number of topics in security and shows their linkage to what computer science is.

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UoB NANDboards

This year's first year students are benefiting from the introduction of new hardware teaching equipment, which has been custom designed for the course. Each student has been given a UoB NANDboard to take home and keep. The NANDboards allow students to learn computer logic design in a hands-on way and use the building blocks of 16 NAND gates to create simple and more complex logic in an easy way.

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Professor Flach animated by Aardman

Bristol AI professor Peter Flach provides one of the voices in a short animation by Aardman on the occasion of the launch of the SPHERE project.

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Jacobus Challenge

A team of 1st Year Computer Science students on the High Tech Enterprise unit have won at the JacoBus Challenge in Bremen, Germany, with their "StockedApp".

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Postgraduate Admissions

Fellowship in Quantum Computing

Dr Ashley Montanaro, a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, has been awarded a prestigious EPSRC Early Career Fellowship for research on the theory of quantum computing.

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Tangible interfaces for the elderly

Members of the BIG research group have been awarded a £500,000 grant by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to investigate novel technology interfaces to improve the quality of life for the elderly. The project - Tangible Memories: Community in Care - is being led by Dr Kerstin Cater and aims to develop novel technologies to digitally attach stories to objects that are meaningful to residents in care homes, enabling shared exploration of their life stories.

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Cryptography for secure interaction

Bristol is involved in new EU funded COST programme to support interaction at a European level between researchers.

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IACR elections

Dr Martijn Stam and Professor Nigel Smart have just been elected to be Secretary and Vice President of the International Association of Cryptologic Research.

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BMVC Conference 2013

One of the top Computer Vision conferences came to Bristol in September, organised and chaired by academics from Computer Science - Tilo Burghardt, Dima Damen, Walterio Mayol-Cuevas and Majid Mirmehdi - all members of the Visual Information Laboratory. This major conference attracts papers from all round the world on all aspects of computer vision research.

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Bristol Neuroscience Festival

Bristol Neuroscience is ten years old this year and it celebrated with a festival. The festival had interactive stands where you could watch a cockroach leg respond to an electrical impulse, knit a neuron or test your reaction times.

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News and Events

HPC4 schools initiative

Computer Scientists at The University of Bristol have teamed with Zenotech to deliver the HPC4schools initiative. This is one of the first projects anywhere in the world which lets school children loose on millions of pounds worth of supercomputing equipment. The project challenges to school children to see if they can use HPC techniques to optimise the design of the Bloodhound 1000mph car.

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Machine Learning in finance

Bloomberg's head of machine learning research visits the CS department and gives a well-attended talk on Machine Learning in Finance.

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With the UK facing a national skills shortage in Computer Science and Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the DigiMakers events provide members of the public with the opportunity to learn more about these key areas - and have fun at the same time.

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