Keep InTouch through Story Telling

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09 March 2014

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InTouch is a project which aims to create a 'physical story portal' which
could be used by relatives or friends who live long distances apart as an
alternative to 'what can be flat or broken up video calls'.

The project is being developed by Kinneir Dufort, working with Dr. Kirsten Cater from the Department of Computer Science and Dr. Victoria Bates from the History
Department. The team is aiming to create 'a magical and playful object that
will use multi-sensory technologies to link teller and listener through
sound, light and touch'.

This is a three month rapid prototyping project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council's REACT programme (Research and Enterprise in Arts and Creative Technology). The project will be completed over the summer and showcased to the public in the autumn.