ForToo: Preventing Internet Abuse With Forensic Tools

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24 February 2011

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Bristol will be working, over the next three years, on a new ISEC action grant of over 600,000 EU, with the financial support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union, called ForToo.

ForToo is a project to develop advanced forensic tools against Internet abuse. This project will bring together academics and professional experts in the field of network security & forensics, in order to develop novel tools that enhance our understanding of and reaction to network-related incidents. Incidents involving malicious software in particular. The project consortium will work closely with key stakeholders, including expert witnesses, local and European law enforcement agencies, in order to source requirements and develop new approaches for the analysis, documentation and visualisation of forensic evidence of Internet abuse. With the prevalence of Internet-based criminal activity, the consortium hopes to develop novel ways for law enforcement to enhance their practice of network forensic analysis and response as well as inter-state collaboration and sharing of experience.