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Bristol Cryptographers Bring EuroCrypt Back to the UK

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20 August 2009

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The cryptography group at Bristol University has successfully brought the EuroCrypt conference back to the UK for 2012. The conference will be held 
in Cambridge in April 2012. The year and location were chosen as 2012 will
mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, who did much of
his research whilst in Cambridge.

EuroCrypt is the top conference in Europe on Cryptography, and has only
once previously been held in the United Kingdom. The conference is
sponsored by the IACR (International
Association for Cryptologic Research), and brings together the world's
leading cryptographers from academia and industry.

The announcement of Cambridge as the site for the conference in 2012
was made at the CRYPTO conference in Santa Barbara on August 19th.

Prof Nigel Smart of Bristol's Cryptography group, who will be General
Chair of EuroCrypt in 2012 said, "This is a great honour to be organizing
EuroCrypt in 2012, and doubly so since we will be using it to celebrate the life
of one of Britain's most important computer scientists. Alan Turing not
only worked on cipher breaking during the Second World War, he also
developed the concept of a Turing Machine which forms the basis not only
of much of computer science but cryptography in particular".