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Detica Endorses Bristol Computer Science Degrees

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27 April 2009

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Detica endorses Bristol computer science degrees. Detica has a long-standing relationship with the Computer Science Department at Bristol, sponsoring two prizes in security within the department and also recruiting a number of students each year from our various degree programmes. Kiera Lawrence of Detica explains why the company finds Bristol graduates so attractive.

"Each year Detica takes/recruits a number of graduates from Bristol because of their academic excellence, theoretical and practical skills. We look for graduates with strong programming skills, particularly in C or C++ and have found that Bristol graduates have the excellent practical skills that we require. With the continued growth of Detica – each year our graduate numbers increase (even in the current climate) – and continued business demands for strong graduates, we hope to increase the number of graduates that will join us from Bristol University. In addition, we are currently increasing our demand for graduates to join us as a security graduate or to go in to our electronic engineering department. With courses like the MSc Advanced Computing: Internet Technologies with Security and a range of electronic engineering and computer science courses, we know that Bristol graduates will be able to help meet our requirements."

Details of winners of the two Detica prizes in the dept can be found here:

Detica Forensics MSc Security Prize

Detica Forensics Undergraduate Security Prize