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New Staff Member in High Performance Computing and Architectures

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02 April 2009

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The department is delighted to welcome Simon McIntosh-Smith as a Senior Lecturer in High Performance Computing and Architectures. Simon's background is architecture design in industry; he started his career at INMOS before moving to Pixelfusion to develop the world's first true GPGPU in the late nineties. He was a founder member of ClearSpeed where he led the architecture and applications teams that produced the CSX family of many-core processors.  Their latest product, the CSX700 was the fastest double precision floating point processor (according to DGEMM) when introduced at the start of 2008.

The University has made significant investments in High Performance Computing and storage and Simon will provide the academic leadership for this activity. He has well established links with colleagues in Chemistry, Physics and Biochemistry and thus is ideally placed to lead this university-wide initiative.

Simon's research interests are centred around many-core computer architectures and their use in various high performance computing problems. Of particular interest are applications in life science such as molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics and genome sequencing. He holds eight patents in hardware and software, is a big fan of Terry Pratchett, and is a keen motor sport and German sports car enthusiast.