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Bristol Cryptographer Gives Invited Talk at EuroCrypt
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On May 2nd Prof. Nigel Smart will give a prestigious invited talk at the EuroCrypt conference in Paris. Prof. Smart's talk will be on "Living Between the Ideal and Real Worlds", and will discuss lessons learned in turning the topic of Multi-Party Computation from a theoretical endeavour into a practical reality.

Scientists look to AI for help in peer review
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Dr Simon Price and Prof Peter Flach from Bristol's Intelligent Systems Laboratory invented the SubSift system for profiling and matching research papers and potential reviewers. In the March 2017 issue of Communications of the ACM they review how state-of-the-art tools from machine learning and artificial intelligence are making inroads to automate parts of the academic peer-review process.

SPDZ Multi-Party Computation Software Goes Open Source
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For a number of years the Bristol Cryptography group has been researching into an area called Multi-Party Computation. Today we publicly release the fruits of this research in the SPDZ software system.

Bristol paper wins Best Paper award at 2016 International Conference on Artificial Life
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Prof Seth Bullock and collaborator Dr Stuart Bartlett (from the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Earth-Life Science Institute) have been awarded the Best Paper prize at the Fifteenth International Conference on Artificial Life for their work on the origins of life, demonstrating the emergence of simple self-reproducing spot patterns that spontaneously regulate their own environment.

Interdisciplinary Work to Monitor Shared Spaces Around Bristol
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Computer Vision lecturer Dr Dima Damen is part of an interdisciplinary team aiming to make shred spaces around Bristol a safer and more pleasant experience. A social media campaign starts today and during March to gather the opinion of Bristol residents

Bristol University to play pivotal role in protecting the country from cyber attack
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The University of Bristol has once again been recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the EPSRC as an Academic Centre for Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR).

Bristol CS academic to chair main Augmented Reality conference
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The IEEE ISMAR is the most established and significant academic event on the topics of Mixed and Augmented Reality (AR). An area that integrates Computer Vision, Graphics and HCI. The 15th edition will be chaired by one of our staff members and features a series of new aspects that aim to make AR more accessible to students and industry. Click to read the full story.

Best Poster Award at BMVA Summer School
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PhD students Michael Wray and Davide Moltisanti awarded second best poster prize at the BMVA Summer School

Bristol Cryptographer Awarded International Fellow
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A University of Bristol cryptographer has been elected a Fellow of the International Association of Cryptologic Research (IACR), an award that is only given to a select group of cryptographers worldwide.

Breakthrough in human cell transformation could revolutionise regenerative medicine
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A breakthrough in the transformation of human cells by an international team led by researchers in Computer Science could open the door to a new range of treatments for a variety of medical conditions. Their paper in Nature Genetics, demonstrates a system that predicts how to create any human cell type from another cell type directly, without the need for experimental trial and error.

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