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Netcraft Prize : Top 10 2nd Year Students in Computer Science (G400,G401,G402 and G403)


Latest Winners

'14-15 Ngoc Khanh Nguyen
Michael Aldridge
Samuel Dai Coward
Bogdan Manghiuc
Julian Loscombe
Andreas Georgiou
Raul Mihoc
Samuel Russell
Daniel Keitley
Roshen Pabari
Netcraft is an Internet services company based in Bath which provides Internet data mining, defences against fraud and phishing, web application security testing, and automated penetration testing. Clients include many of the world's leading Internet infrastructure and financial companies; in particular, Netcraft's anti-phishing services are very widely licensed, ultimately protecting hundreds of millions of people.

This prize is for the top ten 2nd year students on Computer Science degrees (G400/G401/G402/G403), with each student achieving at least 70% overall. Each student will receive a £250 Amazon gift voucher and a customised Targus laptop backpack worth over £50.

Previous Winners

2014-15 Erasmo Tani, Andrei Poenaru, Grzegorz Pawelczak, Ben Allpass, Myles Bell, Patrick Atkinson, Artur Gemes, William Price, James Hughes, Joseph Foulds
2013-14 Hazel Doughty, Samuel Meredith, Sahaj Sawhney, Benjamin Elgar, Andrie Ilisei, Alistair Wick, Samuel Healer, George Field, Kimberley Fernandes, Alexander Hill
2012-13 Minh Nguyen, Dominic Moylett, James Savage, Adam Mooney, Andres Amaya Garcia, Felipe Reigosa Teixeira, Charles Anderson, Benjamin Barash, Varun Sarwal and Aiden Thompson
2011-12 Jiawei Wu, Tim Jones, Maxwell Steele, Benjamin Churchman, Gianluca Di Maggio, Ben Collins, Jack Matusiewicz, Andrew Haslam, Miranda Aperghis and Tom Hargrave
2010-11 Robin Tindale Robert Pamely Michael Jewell Andrej Cvoro Tom Grimwood-Taylor Rupert Bedford James Lumsden Max Robinson Mark Wonnacott and James Stephenson.
2009-10 Awarded to Benjamin Smithers Jonathan Finerty James Henderson Liam McIlraith Tessa Conway Joseph Seymour William Williams James Price and Luke Fitzgerald.
2008-09 Awarded to Stephen Beckett, Matthew Benton, Emy Calder, Mark Caldwell, Matthew Dunsdon, Jonathan Fung, Benjamin Selby, Vytis Sibonis and James Williams.
2007-08 Awarded to Joseph Bandenburg, Robert Frampton, Matthew Gaunt, Christopher Lewis, Adam Marable, Luke Mather, Jack O'Conner, William Roberts, Samuel Smith and Gareth Wilson.