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COMS32300 Sustainability, Technology and Business (10 CP)

About the Unit

This unit will explore, from both a conceptual and technical perspective, the relationship between technology, business and the sustainability agenda. It will make particular reference to the design and development of technology products and services in the electronics and IT industries, such as tablet computers, music streaming and flat-screen TVs. It will consider different perspectives on the concept of sustainability and the attitudes to technology associated with them. It will present and critically evaluate a number of tools used during technology product R&D, design and manufacture for assessing the sustainability of products. These will include ecological footprinting, lifecycle assessment, social supply chain audit and eco-labelling. It will also consider the strategic impact of sustainability factors on industry, and the longer term implications of this on both the public and private sector.

Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of this unit will enable you to:


Methods of Feedback

- Formative assessment will receive feedback through written comments, and optional verbal review either in drop-in clinics or the final revision session of the unit. - The project work will receive written feedback.

Course Director