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Sample MSc project topics

Hybrid CMOS-memristor ArchitecturesPradhan, DhirajMS50
Learning Population Dynamics in Ant Colony EmigrationsRay, OliverMS50
Semi-supervised segmentation of fossil bones from CT-scansMirmehdi, MajidMS50
Text mining for a dental mobile appPrice, Simon (Flach, Peter)MS50
Promoting Stair Use and Interactivity using a Playful, Tangible InterfaceCater, KirstenMS50
Towards a Tangible User Interface for Open DataCater, KirstenMS50
Pose estimation from depth images using convolutional neural networksMirmehdi, MajidMS50
Simulating Spatial Trajectories in Ant Colony EmigrationsRay, OliverMS50
Object Specific Haar-like Features for Fast and Accurate Shark Fin DetectionBurghardt, TiloMS50
Playing with Robots: Playing with toys or playing with friends?Eder, KerstinMS50
An evaluation of different self-balancing treesSach, BenjaminMS50
The Computational Complexity of Video GamesSach, BenjaminMS50
Making Mario work hardSach, BenjaminMS50
Detecting and Tracking Cyclists and Pedestrians from an In-Car ViewpointMirmehdi, MajidMS50
Interactive 3D Model making on a mobile phone from single photographsMayol-Cuevas, WalterioMS50
Making pattern mining fun: a GUI for inter-active pattern explorationLijffijt, JefreyMS50
Gesture recognition in a museum mobile applicationCater, KirstenMS50
How well can Caesar tapdance?Stam, MartijnMS50
Google Glass Summarisation Application - A Dataset Collection ToolAldamen, DimaMS50
Digital Technologies for Mindful NutritionHolyer, IanMS50
Teaching Through Web TechnologyHolyer, IanMS50
Person Avoidance Robot with Safety Constraints using Genetic AlgorithmEder, KerstinMS50
European Green Capital - Changing Children’s BehavioursHolyer, IanMS50
Low-cost Wearable device for Health Monitoring Using ArduinoHolyer, IanMS50
Monitoring separation related behaviours in animalsHolyer, IanMS50
An Intelligent Tutoring Application to Improve the Reading Comprehension of Primary School Students.Flach, PeterMS50
A Simulation Environment to explore safety in Human Robot InteractionEder, KerstinMS50
Hands-Free Litter Mapping tool using Voice RecognitionPreist, ChrisMS50
Demystifying ElectronicsHolyer, IanMS50
Data collection for Trauma PatientsCater, KirstenMS50
Vision-Based 3D Trajectory Analysis for Grassroots FootballCalway, AndrewMS50
Good news! A website that cheers you upHolyer, IanMS50
Domain-specific language and translator for bit-sliced implementationPage, DanielMS50
The effects of Flight delay on airfare and flight frequencyHolyer, IanMS50
Applying 3D printing to ant colony emigration experimentsRay, OliverMS50
Camera based squash analysis toolCalway, AndrewMS50
Creating a geography based website graphics navigation model.MS50
Texture classification from a mobile cameraMayol-Cuevas, WalterioMS50
Accelerating machine learning algorithms with many-core processorsMcIntosh-Smith, SimonMS51
Detecting Solar Photovoltaic Panels from Aerial ImagesAldamen, DimaMS51
Automatic Palm Fortune Teller - an investigative studyAldamen, DimaMS51
Visualisation for Exploratory Data Mining in Smart HomesDiethe, Tom (Flach, Peter)MS51
Automated Estimation of Cognitive ImpairmentTwomey, Niall (Flach, Peter)MS51
Google glass for pervasive spaces (augmented reality)Aldamen, DimaMS51
More data vs. better algorithmsTaylor, Claire (Flach, Peter)MS51
Visual Analytics for the VAST 2014 datasetTaylor, Claire (Flach, Peter)MS51
Predicting technological fields from patent networksGregory, SteveMS51
Enhanced Modelling of Rock Ants and their EnvironmentRay, OliverMS51
Community detection in bipartite networks with weighted vertices and edgesGregory, SteveMS51
Enhancing AR Museum Guides Using Markerless Tracking and 3D Model Generation in a Web-BrowserBurghardt, TiloMS51
Salient Object Detection for Navigation of Mars-like EnvironmentsBurghardt, TiloMS51
3D model tracking from a flying robotMayol-Cuevas, WalterioMS51
Aligning video segments for appearance based navigationCalway, AndrewMS51
Machine learning for Protein function predictionGough, JulianMS51
Fault tolerant sparse matrix software librariesMcIntosh-Smith, SimonMS51
Quantum computer gamesMontanaro, AshleyMS51
Visual Identification and Comparison of Bristol graffitiBurghardt, TiloMS52
Insect Species RecogniserBurghardt, TiloMS52
Can you trust your robotic assistant?Eder, KerstinMS52
One Hand Subtle Interaction for Smart WatchesSubramanian, SriramMS52
Electromyography based chain gesture studySubramanian, SriramMS52
Cellular Automata for Procedurally Generated GamesWu, NicolasMS52
Chess partner using kinectCalway, AndrewMS52
Shoe Finder: computer vision based shoe recognition for online look-upCalway, AndrewMS52
Magic Book ProjectCalway, AndrewMS52
Automated beat and rhythm analysis for procedurally driven animationDalton, ColinMS52
Automatic recognition of trees via leaves and bark using computer visionCalway, AndrewMS52
Interactive Game Design using AR and KinectFusionCalway, AndrewMS52
Data and visualisation support for litter walks.Preist, ChrisMS53
Cybersecurity Architecture for a Smart CityTryfonas, TheoMS53
HTML5 Online ServicesHolyer, IanMS53
Privacy models, protocols and toolsBursuc, SergiuMS53
Secure e-voting on mobile platformsBursuc, SergiuMS53
Banking, cloud computing and user privacyBursuc, SergiuMS53
Non-MDS codes over GF(4)Stam, MartijnMS53
Knudsen-Preneel Collision AttackStam, MartijnMS53
Evaluation and integration of bit-sliced block ciphersPage, DanielMS53
Active fingerprinting of OpenSSL version numbersPage, DanielMS53
Cryptography on the RasberryPi GPUPage, DanielMS53
Efficient multi-precision multiplication on AVR and beyondPage, DanielMS53
Null model network visualizerGregory, SteveMS53
Constrained community detection in networksGregory, SteveMS53
Domain-specific community detection for language and knowledge networksGregory, SteveMS53
Detecting communities in networks by improving label propagationGregory, SteveMS53
Detecting communities in networks of patentsYan, Bowen (Gregory, Steve)MS53
Community detection in ecological networks combining different types of interactionSauve, Alix (Gregory, Steve)MS53
Security in the Semantic WebHolyer, IanMS53
Domain-specific community detection for bibliographic networksGregory, SteveMS53
Applying Machine Learning to an Accounting System in MexicoHolyer, IanMS53
Flight delays in airport networksGregory, SteveMS53
Preventing Drunk-Driving AccidentsHolyer, IanMS53
Gamification Techniques and Learning GamesHolyer, IanMS53
Energy aware development of robotic systemsEder, KerstinMS56
Efficient Compiler Settings for High Performance ComputingRay, OliverMS56
Cryptographic Peer-to-Peer VotingBernhard, DavidMS56
Real-time HDR image generation and display with OpenCLMcIntosh-Smith, SimonMS56
Topic Models for Sensor NetworksDiethe, Tom (Flach, Peter)MS56
Probabilistic Automata for Motif Finding in Multi Sensor DataDiethe, Tom (Flach, Peter)MS56
Energy modelling for embedded processorsEder, KerstinMS56
Recommending independent music to Twitter usersMesnage, CedricMS56
Community detection in life-stage structured food websSauve, Alix (Gregory, Steve)MS56
Animated String DiagramsWu, NicolasMS56
Online service for producing and consuming music videos playlistsMesnage, CedricMS56
Facilitating student collaboration through virtual interactionHolyer, IanMS56
Web Tools to Support Energy ConservationHolyer, IanMS56
An Investigation into the Performance of Modern Parallel Programming Models using TeaLeafMcIntosh-Smith, SimonMS56
Robotic perception with camerasMayol-Cuevas, WalterioMS56
Teaching electronics with an adaptive E-Learning website.Holyer, IanMS56
Development of a system to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder to self-manage in recurrent behavioural crisisHolyer, IanMS56
Modular Argumentation for Science and/or the LawRay, Olivernone
Mix-Nets from CCA2 Secure CryptosystemsStam, Martijnnone
Playing Corruption GamesStam, Martijnnone
Optimized AES-NI CompilerStam, Martijnnone
Cryptographic, HPC-related applications using Maxeler hardware (and OpenSPL)Page, Danielnone
Verifying Cryptographic ElectionsBernhard, Davidnone
Implementing the Free Multiprocessor ArchitectureHollis, Simonnone
Energy-efficient task scheduling for the Swallow 480 core systemHollis, Simonnone
Energy efficient computing - should I remember or forget?Hollis, Simonnone
Benchmarking parallel systemsHollis, Simonnone
Building a big, multi-core ARM systemHollis, Simonnone
Scanning paths for Object Recognition: Human Vision vs. Computer VisionAldamen, Dimanone
Outlier detection in smart home environmentsTwomey, Niall (Flach, Peter)none
Tools for classifier tuning and evaluationKull, Meelis (Flach, Peter)none
RGB-D people detectorMirmehdi, Majidnone
People tracking in a smart-environment multi camera systemMirmehdi, Majidnone
Tracking Individual Ants during Nest EmigrationsRay, Olivernone
Comparative analysis of calibration methods for scoring classifiersKull, Meelis (Flach, Peter)none
Automatic Fractal Recognition of LeavesBurghardt, Tilonone
Body Feature Detection in Manta RaysBurghardt, Tilonone
Compiling with MAGEEC: Does MAGEEC increase the battery life of Android devices?"Eder, Kerstinnone
Can compiler optimizations be scheduled more effectively?Ray, Olivernone
Automatic Landmark Detection For Facial Expression and Emotion Recognition from Kinect DataMirmehdi, Majidnone
Recognizing places using edge image informationMayol-Cuevas, Walterionone
Making beautiful QR codesMayol-Cuevas, Walterionone
How Robots can get humans to help them better?Mayol-Cuevas, Walterionone
Material-based Augmented RealityMayol-Cuevas, Walterionone
The flying robot peasantMayol-Cuevas, Walterionone
People WatchingCalway, Andrewnone
Compiling with MAGEEC: Does MAGEEC increase the battery life of Satellite Controllers or Weather Stations?"Eder, Kerstinnone
How well can onions help you remember?Stam, Martijnnone
Advanced relational data mining techniques for predicting efficient compiler settingsRay, Olivernone
Energy efficiency of 32- and 64-bit x86 ABIsKerrison, Stevennone
Does using serialised functional units reduce processor energy?Kerrison, Stevennone
Pthreads for the XMOS XCoreKerrison, Stevennone
Game-theoretic response to UAV cyberattacksTryfonas, Theonone
The Computational Complexity of Video GamesSach, Benjaminnone