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Unit Descriptions for MSc programmes in Computer Science (MS50, MS51, MS52, MS3, MS56)

This is a list of unit descriptions from the Computer Science handbook. It's here because people who are applying for an MSc cannot access the handbook pages.

Please contact the Engineering Maths department for information on EMAT units.

Programming in C

This is a note from the unit director on texts for this unit. My own notes for C come from a now defunct textbook. This is quite deliberate on my part - I want people to buy "other" textbooks to broaden their scope. For what it's worth they're based on "C by Dissection" by Kelley & Pohl (3rd Edition). The 4th edition is available secondhand & cheaply. I'd advise browsing in a bookshop for a text that suits your style - some are very brief (Kernigan & Richie) whilst others are from the American teach-yourself-to programme-in-7-days mould ... Doesn't really matter which one, provided it's the ANSI C edition or newer ...