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Reading scientific papers

Recommended Week

Year 1 : All Weeks


Dan Page, Kerstin Eder


To look at how research papers are written so a) you get an idea of how they are put together and b) get used to actually reading them.


Think of the Computer Science topic you are most interested in and find a research conference or journal on that topic using:

or even

Alternativelly, you can simply go to the library in Queens Building, and climb the stairs to the upper floor of the library, where you will find the hard-copies of the journals.

It doesn't matter what topic you select so if you can't think of one, I guess just randomly select one. Have a look through the conference or journal and download a paper that looks interesting. You may also need to use the library gateway since some downloads require "permission" which the library will give you.

Before the tutorial you should have read the paper, although it doesn't matter if you don't understand it, and be able to tell us about it. This will include the actual content but also aspects of how it is written. Obviously the goals are that you can take the same sort of ideas and use them in your own write-ups, and that you know about the resources available for finding research on the web.