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Welcome to the home page of the Many-core Research Group here at the University of Bristol.

We are a dynamic, young group incorporating all aspects of many-core I.C. research, and comprises a specialised sub-set of the Languages and Architectures Group

In particular, we comprise research spanning the full 'stack' of problems encountered when trying to design an efficient many-core system. Our main current direction is on energy-efficiency, with a particular emphasis on the energy costs of interconnect and data transfer on-chip. To solve this problem, we take an approach which leaverages the best information available from the application level, OS, scheduler and the hardware the processes run on. Then optimsations are performed at each level, from static compiler choices, right down to run-time optimisations in the interconnect hardware.

We believe that by looking at the whole picture, and not just focusing on local optimisations, we can obtain a close-to-optimal mapping of processes to processors from an energy point of view, and thus reduce overall interconnect energy costs.

Research Interests

We are interested in all problems involved in the design of many-core structures, and these include:

There is an embedded calendar with paper deadlines and seminars etc. available.


The following people are members of the many-core research group, here at Bristol:

Academic Staff

Simon Hollis

David May

Research Students

Suleiman Abu Kharmeh

Christopher Jackson

Jamie Hanlon
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