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Engaging with mental health: a global challenge

David Coyle, Mark Matthews, Gavin Doherty, John Sharry, Engaging with mental health: a global challenge. Workshop in Interactive Systems in Healthcare at CHI 2010. ISBN 098262848X/, pp. 33–36. May 2010. PDF, 82 Kbytes. External information


Using the metrics of the World Health Organisation, the Global Burden of Disease Study has found that mental health difficulties are currently the leading cause of disability in developed countries [1]. Projections also indicate that the global burden of mental health difficulties will continue to rise in the coming decades. The human and economic costs of this trend will be substantial. In this paper we discuss how effectively designed interactive systems, developed through collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts, can play a significant role in helping to address this challenge. Our discussion is grounded in a description of four exploratory systems, each of which has undergone initial clinical evaluations. Directions for future research on mental health technologies are also identified.

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