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PressureText: pressure input for mobile phone text entry

David C. McCallum, Edward Mak, Pourang Irani, Sriram Subramanian, PressureText: pressure input for mobile phone text entry. 27th international Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems , pp. 4519–4524. April 2009. PDF, 692 Kbytes. External information


Pressure sensitive buttons are appealing for reducing repetitive tasks such as text entry on mobile phone keypads, where multiple key presses are currently necessary to record an action. We present PressureText, a text-entry technique for a pressure augmented mobile phone. In a study comparing PressureText to MultiTap, we found that despite limited visual feedfback for pressure input, users overall performed equally well with PressureText as with MultiTap. Expertise was a determining factor for improved performance with PressureText. Expert users showed a 33.6% performance gain over novices. Additionally, expert users were 5% faster on average with PressureText than MultiTap, suggesting that pressure input is a valuable augmentation to mobile phone keypads.

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