Magic Moments in Situated Mediascapes

Josephine Reid, Richard Hull, Kirsten Cater, Constance Fleuriot, Magic Moments in Situated Mediascapes. ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology ACE 2005. June 2005. PDF, 160 Kbytes.


In this paper, we describe the situation and factors that lead to yMagic Momentsy in mediascape experiences and discuss the implications for how to design these magic moments without them appearing contrived. The distinctive feature of mediascapes is their link to the physical environment and we introduce a framework for Experience Design and describe a set of design heuristics which should extend the field of HCI to encompass aspects of user experience, mobility, the outside environment and facets of the new medium. The findings are primarily based on analysis of public reaction to Riot! 1831, a mediascape in the form of an interactive drama which is based on the actual riots that took place in a public square in Bristol, England in 1831.

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