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A Shortest Path Representation for Video Summarisation

S. V. Porter, M. Mirmehdi, B. T. Thomas, A Shortest Path Representation for Video Summarisation. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing. ISBN 0-7695-1948-2, pp. 460–465. September 2003. PDF, 851 Kbytes.


A novel approach is presented to select mulitple key frames within an isolated video shot where there is camera motion causing significant scene change. This is achieved by determining the dominant motion between frame pairs whose similarities are represented using a directed weighted graph. The shortest path in the graph, found using the A* search algorithm, designates the key frames. The overall method can be applied to extract a set of key frames which portray both the video content and camera motions, all of which are useful features for video indexing retrieval.

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