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Colour Morphology and Snakes for Optic Disc Localisation

Alireza Osareh, Majid Mirmehdi, Barry Thomas, Richard Markham, Colour Morphology and Snakes for Optic Disc Localisation. The 6th Medical Image Understanding and Analysis Conference. A Houston, R Zwiggelaar, (eds.), pp. 21–24. July 2002. PDF, 204 Kbytes.


The location of the optic disc is of critical importance in retinal image analysis. We improve on past approaches on optic disc detection by working in colour space and also by localising accurately the optic disc boundary using an automatically initialised snake. The key issue presented is a comparison of colour spaces for performing colour morphology to remove blood vessels and prepare the image for snake analysis. Results indicate 100% accuracy for identification and 90.32% average accuracy in localising the optic disc boundary.

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