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Extraction of Motion Data from Image Sequences to Assist Animators

David P. Gibson, Neill W. Campbell, Colin J. Dalton, Barry T. Thomas, Extraction of Motion Data from Image Sequences to Assist Animators. Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 2000. M. Mirmehdi, B. Thomas, (eds.). ISSN 1901725138, pp. 302–311. September 2000. PDF, 207 Kbytes.


We describe a system which is designed to assist animators in extracting high-level information from sequences of images. The system is not meant to replace animators, but to be a tool to assist them in creating the first `rough-cut' of a sequence quickly and easily. Using the system, short animations have been created in a very short space of time. We show that the method of principal components analysis followed by a neural network learning phase is capable of motion tracking (even through occlusion), feature-extraction and gait classification. We quantify the results, and demonstrate the system tracking horses, birds and actors in a film. We demonstrate a system that is powerful, flexible and, above all, easy for non-specialists to use.

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