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Using Influence Diagrams in Software Change Management

C. J. Burgess, I. Dattani, G. Hughes, J. H. R. May, K. Rees, Using Influence Diagrams in Software Change Management. 7th International Conference on Software Quality Management (SQM'99), Software Quality Management VII. ISBN 1 902505 06 9, pp. 177–187. March 1999. PDF, 122 Kbytes.


In a large software management programme, the number of software changes and enhancements requested for inclusion in the next software release often far exceeds the resources available. Thus, during the preceding months before the final decision is made on which changes to include, there needs to be a way of incorporating all the different factors that influence these possible changes into a coherent set of information to enable good decisions to be made. This paper describes the use of influence diagrams and a risk-based model to formalise the combining of these different factors to aid the decision process. This model not only reflects the likelihood of all the necessary requirements for a change being met but also allows for the financial or other benefits to the organisation that would result from the change being included in the next software release.

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