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The Generation of 3-D Models without Camera Calibration

D. P. Gibson, N. W. Campbell, B. T. Thomas, The Generation of 3-D Models without Camera Calibration. Computer Graphics and Imaging. ISBN 0-88986-262-1, pp. 146–149. June 1998. PDF, 174 Kbytes.


This paper describes how the generation of 3-D models may be achieved from a small number of images. It uses an automatic segmentation technique and a two stage iterative camera calibration and volumetric intersection algorithm to produce a set of 3-D points in the form of a cloud of voxels. From this, a polygonal or B-spline based surface representation of an object can be generated. The B-spline surface representation can be used to implicitly smooth the modelled surface and also assists texture extraction and portability. The technique, which has been developed on a standard work station, is both fast and robust and requires no specialised equipment.

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