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Meta-Programming in Logic Progamming

P. M. Hill, J. Gallagher, Meta-Programming in Logic Progamming. Chapter in Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming. D. M. Gabbay, C. J. Hogger, J. A. Robinson, (eds.). ISBN ISBN 0 19 853792 1, pp. 421–498. January 1998. No electronic version available.


A meta-program, regardless of the nature of the programming language, is a program whose data denotes another (object) program. The importance of meta-programming can be gauged from its large number of applications. These include compilers, interpreters, program analysers, and program transformers. Furthermore, a logic program when used in artificial intelligence often formalises some knowledge; in this case a meta-program is viewed as a meta-reasoner for reasoning about this knowledge.

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