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Message Routing

David May, Brian Parsons, Peter Thompson, Christopher Walker, Message Routing. Patent. EP405990. September 1997. No electronic version available. External information


A routing switch (1) includes an input (4a) for receiving serial packets from a source node in a computer network, a plurality of outputs (6a...6n) each designating a respective range of destination node identifications, switch circuitry (10) for selectively interconnecting said input to a selected one of said outputs and header reading circuitry (22) for reading the header portion of a packet received at the input prior to receiving all of the packet. The header reading circuitry is coupled to the switch circuitry (10) to connect to said input one of said outputs having a node identification range including the node identification of said header portion. There is also provided a computer network, having a plurality of computer devices and at least one routing switch, and a method of routing messages through such a network.

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