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Multi-Lingual Prediction Systems

Matthew E. J. Wood, Eric Lewis, Multi-Lingual Prediction Systems. The Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial Conference of the International Augmentative and Alternative Communication. ISBN 90-74910-03-3, pp. 471–473. October 1994. No electronic version available. External information


This paper describes the development of a flexible multi-lingual prediction system for use with an augmentative communication system. A Grammar Description Language (GDL) is used to build a knowledge base about the given language and a Lexicon is used to provide the words. Changing the language of the system is simply a case of swapping the GDL code and the Lexicon to the required type. A Blissymbol prediction system can also be included, which will predict symbols given previous entries using a grammar based on the Blissymbolic language. When used the system will provide grammatically correct predictions which should have a higher hit rate than systems using traditional word counting techniques.

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