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Seth Bullock


I have a first degree in cognitive science and a PhD in simulation modelling from the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at Sussex University. After a post-doc in Berlin I joined the University of Leeds, founding the Biosystems group researching bio-inspired computing and biological modelling. In 2005 I joined the University of Southampton, and helped to found the Science and Engineering of Natural Systems (SENSe) research group, working on modelling complex systems ranging from brains and insects to cities and supercomputers. Between 2009 and 2015 I was Director of Southampton's Institute for Complex Systems Simulation (ICSS) during which time I became Professor of Computer Science and helped found the Agents, Interaction and Complexity (AIC) research group. In 2015 I joined the University of Bristol's Department of Computer Science as Toshiba Chair in Data Science and Simulation.


Seth Bullock, Head of Department
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom

Phone: 0117 331 5105
Fax: +44 117 954-5208

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