Ashley Montanaro's homepage

I have moved to the School of Mathematics. This site will not be kept up to date.

I was an EPSRC Early Career Research Fellow in the Computer Science department of the University of Bristol. I'm a member of the Theory and Algorithms and Quantum Computation & Information research groups.

Unfortunately I do not have any funding to support summer students or interns.

"It is difficult to give an idea of the vast extent of modern mathematics. This word 'extent' is not the right one: I mean extent crowded with beautiful detail - not an extent of mere uniformity such as an objectless plain, but of a tract of beautiful country seen at first in the distance, but which will bear to be rambled through and studied in every detail of hillside and valley, stream, rock, wood and flower. But, as for everything else, so for a mathematical theory - beauty can be perceived but not explained."

— Arthur Cayley1 (1883)

Research interests

My main research interests are in the theory of quantum computing. I'm interested in all areas of the subject, but particularly quantum algorithms and computational complexity, as well as quantum query and communication complexity. I'm also interested in classical algorithms and computational complexity.

Click here for details of my publications, preprints and presentations.


In Spring 2015 I am teaching Advanced Quantum Information Theory, a unit for the Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Engineering.

In the 2013-2014 academic year I taught Data Structures and Algorithms (COMS21103) and Theory of Computation (COMS11700).

Slides for Data Structures and Algorithms: and problem sheets: Shortest paths, dynamic programming, all-pairs shortest paths, minimum spanning trees, PageRank etc.. Slides for Theory of Computation:
  • Pushdown automata [ screen ]
  • Context-free grammars and PDAs [ screen ]
  • Pumping lemma for CFLs [ screen ]
  • Turing machines [ screen ]
  • Turing machines continued [ screen ]
  • Undecidability [ screen ]
  • Computational complexity [ screen ]

Some previous teaching materials:


1 My academic great-great-great-grandfather.