Simply Logical bigger assignment

The assignment deals with natural language and search. Most of the relevant material can be found in Chapters 5-7 of the book. The file to be used is

The goal of this assignment is to implement a basic travel planner for train journeys that can answer questions in natural language (ambiguity intended :-). Use the timetable in

The program will contain 3 parts:

  1. In a first step, make sure the program can answer the following questions:
    ? [what,time,do,i,have,to,leave,bristol,in,order,to,be,in,brussels,at,16:30]. 
    ! [if,you,leave,bristol,at,10:15,you,will,arrive,in,brussels,at,16:10].
    ? [if,i,leave,bristol,at,12:00,what,time,will,i,arrive,in,brussels].
    ! [if,you,leave,bristol,at,12:15,you,will,arrive,in,brussels,at,18:10].
    Variations on these questions also need to be understood, e.g. "When" instead of "What time", "should I" instead of "do I have to", "if I want" instead of "in order", etc. Also make sure that your system graciously handles questions it doesn't understand.

    You can earn max. 35% for the grammar part for this question and 35% for the search part.

  2. The second step is to handle questions that can only be understood in the context of a particular journey:
    ? [what,time,do,i,have,to,leave,bristol,in,order,to,be,in,brussels,at,16:30].
    ! [if,you,leave,bristol,at,10:15,you,will,arrive,in,brussels,at,16:10].
    ? [is,there,an,earlier,possibility].
    ! [if,you,leave,bristol,at,9:15,you,will,arrive,in,brussels,at,15:10].
    ? [do,i,have,to,change].
    ! [yes,you,have,to,change,in,london,for,the,11:27,to,brussels].
    ? [what,time,do,i,arrive,in,london].
    ! [you,arrive,in,london,at,11:00].
    Again, the parser should be robust and understand variations on these questions. Your shell will now need to carry a journey around as a context against which some of the questions will be understood. Note that the context may change as a result of a question.

    You can earn max. 30% for handling context.

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