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IJCAI'97 Workshop on

Abduction and Induction in AI

Contributed papers

What follows is a list of contributed papers, sorted alphabetically on first author. The PostScript source of each paper can be obtained by clicking on its title below. Archives containing all of these files are also available the following formats:

Akinori Abe The relation between abductive hypotheses and inductive hypotheses
John Bell Inductive, abductive and pragmatic reasoning
Philippe Codognet Abductive reasoning: backward and forward
Randy Goebel Abduction and its relation to constrained induction
Peter Grunwald The minimum description length principle and non-deductive inference
Takashi Kanai and Susumu Kunifuji Extending inductive generalization with abduction
Geert-Jan Kruijff Concerning logics of abduction: on integrating abduction and induction
Raymond Mooney Integrating abduction and induction in Machine Learning
Pinar Ozturk An AI criterion for an account of inference: how to realize a task
Chiaki Sakama Inductive extension of abduction
Pei Wang Return to term logic
Akihiro Yamamoto Representing inductive inference with SOLD-resolution

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