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Student essay wins Symbian prize

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24 October 2008

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An essay on the future of smartphones by a PhD student at Computer Science at Bristol has won at the Symbian Student Essay contest 2008.

Mr Sudeep Sundaram who is doing research on the development of computer vision techniques for mobile systems was awarded with one of the only 10 prizes given to students worldwide who entered the competition.

The topics covered included smartphone's evolution through 2012-2015, improved development, success factors for mobile applications and breakthrough smartphone technologies among others.

Mr Sundaram's essay relates to the possibilities of smartphones being better informed of the user's context and in using this information to better assist people to perform complex tasks such as in maintenance scenarios. Some of the technologies highlighted in Mr Sundaram's essay are those being researched at the Computer Vision group such as real-time mapping and localisation using cameras, applications of augmented reality and his own ongoing work on capturing context awareness.

Essays were evaluated among other factors for their degree of originality, insight, clarity and technical relevance. The prize was presented at an event on the 21st of October in London.

For more details on the winners and extracts of their essays please
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