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SPDZ Multi-Party Computation Software Goes Open Source

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02 September 2016

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For a number of years the Bristol Cryptography group has been researching into an area called Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Today we publicly release the fruits of this research in the SPDZ software system. The SPDZ system is known as the fastest practical MPC system for more than two parties.

Multi-Party Computation allows a set of mutually distrusting parties to compute a public function on their private inputs so that only the output is learnt by the computing parties. This has been a long standing theoretical tool, but over the last decade Bristol has been at the forefront of working to make MPC a practical reality.

There are two main approaches to MPC. One based on garbled circuits which is suited to two parties, and another based on secret sharing which can deal with any number of parties. The SPDZ system/protocol is the "best in class" of these latter secret sharing based systems. Over a series of papers starting in 2012 we have been developing the theoretical underpinnings and support for such an MPC system.

Now we can announce that the resulting experimental software system is available for all to play with. Please visit our web page dedicated to this software:

for further details.