Tangible Memories Installation at M Shed

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25 September 2014

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On 27th September  Dr. Kirsten Cater's & Dr. Helen Manchester's AHRC project Tangible Memories: Community in Care will be on display, at the M Shed 10-4pm as part of the Celebrating Age Festival.

The installation will encourage audience members to consider the need to re-imagine care homes of the future, and investigate what kinds of novel technologies should be part of that future. In addition audience members will be encouraged to:
* engage meaningfully in thinking about community object based story telling;
* and tangible technologies in care home settings;
* drink tea, eat cake and engage in conversation with older people, academics and community experts working with us to discuss our experiences of being involved in co-produced research where technology is being co-designed with older people;
* experiment with and reflect on some of our cutting edge technological prototypes to tell their own stories;
* consider the need to re-imagine care homes of the future e.g. to develop "community" in care, person centred care and the use of novel tangible technologies to enable stories and memories to be shared in care home settings and beyond.