Workshop on Risk Perception, Psychology and Economics of Information Security

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29 January 2011

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On Feb 17 Bristol will be hosting a Workshop on "Risk Perception, Psychology and Economics of Information Security: A Multi methodological exploration". Drawing on the challenge of balancing the right of privacy against an increasingly liberal culture towards opening up organisational and personal data through means such as open standards and social networking, the objective of this workshop is twofold:

- Share experience amongst systems researchers on the HOWs of the use of multi-methods for data collection, analysis, theory development and evaluation; and
- Generate debate on a burning issue which frequently dominates headlines (e.g. recent NoW phone hacking allegations, transparency in governance initiatives and Freedom of Information, effectiveness of surveillance etc.).

The workshop will include a practical task on exploring the role of perception in understanding risk, a theoretical exploration of aspects of privacy and information security, a preliminary design of a multi-methodological research inquiry and will conclude with a panel discussion with questions taken from the delegates.

In particular we will start working on a preliminary risk rating exercise and then discuss why the study of risk perception is useful in that context. Aspects of the psychometric paradigm, cultural theory as well as heuristics and biases in risk evaluation will be introduced with reference to the context of information privacy risks and the privacy paradox. This will be in order to develop an interdisciplinary approach for the study (‘Research Design’) of information privacy risks based on Economics, Psychology and Sociology combined (‘Exploration of Factors Affecting Citizens’ Attitude towards the Use of a, so-called, "Tax-Card" ‘), after which the preliminary risk ranking exercise will be revisited.

All Research Engineers as well as external delegates are welcome. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. The event is free of charge for all; however please register your intention to participate with our events coordinator Ms. Sophie Causon-Wood.