UKESF Industrial Studentships for Computer Science and Electronics Students

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01 October 2010

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How does the Scholarship Scheme work?
UKESF is offering scholarships to students studying BEng and MEng degrees in electronics or electronic engineering at the UKESF partner universities. Scholarships are open to students in any year of their degree, except the final year.

Successful candidates are matched with sponsoring companies for scholarships that include:
- Annual bursaries of up to £1,500
- Paid summer work placements
- Industrial mentoring Professional development training at UKESF Summer Workshops*
- Opportunities to build relationships with potential employers

*Scholars sponsored only for the final year of a BEng or the final two years of an MEng may not be offered this by their sponsoring company.

How long are the scholarships?
The duration of the scholarships offered will vary depending on the sponsoring company. Scholarships can start from any year of your degree and will continue until you graduate. All scholarships will include at least one summer work placement.

Some companies will be offering scholarships of one year’s duration only. You must apply for these in the year before the final year of your degree programme so that you can undertake the summer work placement before your final year.

How much is the annual bursary?
Scholars studying 3-year BEng or 4-year MEng programmes will receive an annual bursary of £1,500 p.a.
Scholars studying 4-year BEng or 5-year MEng programmes* will receive an annual bursary £1,000 p.a. for the 1st and 2nd year of their degree, and £1,500 p.a. for the 3rd, 4th and final years.
Scholars studying 4-year BEng or 5-year MEng sandwich degree programmes will receive an annual bursary of £1,500 for each year of study spent in their university but not for their industrial training year.
*Currently applies to students registered at the University of Edinburgh only

How long are work placements?
Sponsoring companies will provide their scholars with at least one summer work placement for a minimum of 8 weeks. Some companies will consider additional placements and placements of longer duration including 12-month sandwich degree placements.

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