Thrill Lab at The Science Museum

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27 October 2006

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The Wearable Computing Group, under the Equator Project, is actively involved with the Thrill Lab event at the Science Museum's Dana Centre.  The event, curated by Brendan Walker, runs for 3 weeks and aims to explore the science of Thrill.  Each week features a different fairground ride: The Miami Trip, a gentle ride designed to explore pleasure; a ghost train, to measure fear and anticipation; and finally The Booster, which looks at excitement and exhilaration.

In addition to a number of guest speakers, including designers of fairground rides, physiologists, psychologists, and experts from NASA, the event features live experiments where volunteers are hooked up to monitoring equipment and then sent out on the ride. The equipment consists of a helmet-mounted camera to capture facial expressions, a microphone to record vocal outbursts, an accelerometer to measure G-Force, and an ECG machine to monitor heart rate. During the experiments, the sensor data is streamed over a wireless link into the Dana centre where commentary is provided by the group of experts. Additional visualisations of the data are also presented in various forms around Dana Centre.

The event has attracted considerable media interest including the The New Scientist, The Telegraph and The BBC.