Department member wins centenary banner competition

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11 May 2009

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Timo Kunkel, a research student in the Department of Computer Science, has been chosen as the winner of the University's centenary banner competition.

His photograph, showing the Wills Memorial Building, Park Street, the Triangle and surrounding area, will be displayed on a banner 15 metres wide by 6 metres. The site for the banner is the west wall of the Physics Building (facing Royal Fort Lodge) and will be on display from the 22nd May.

Speaking about his inspiration for the photo, Timo said: "The idea behind the photograph was to create a small 'planet' that is illuminated by the sun from on one side while the other side is at night. Due to the unusual projection, the interaction of light sources and shadows creates an interesting ambience. It also shows the continuation of changes of night and day and therefore represents time."

The photograph is assembled out of two spherical panoramas captured with a Canon EOS 40D, one for the day image, one for the night. The source images have been geometry corrected with DxO, assembled with Autodesk Stitcher, post processed with Adobe Photoshop and converted from an equirectangular to a polar and then to a hyperbolic projection using Flaming Pear Flexify. Further examples of Timo's work can be found in the atrium and corridors of the Merchant Venturers Building.

Timo wins for himself and a guest the prize of a free flight in the University of Bristol balloon, courtesy of BUHABS, the University's balloon society.