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Dr Georg Fuchsbauer wins prize for PhD Thesis
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Dr Georg Fuchsbauer, a postdoctoral researcher in the Cryptography group at the University of Bristol, has won a Europe-wide award for his recent PhD thesis (obtained whilst he was at ENS-Paris) on "Automorphic Signatures and Applications".

Public engagement output from Cryptography group reviewed by Computing at School (CAS) group
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A short book explaining foundational topics in Computer Science via their relationship with Mathematics, and more specifically Information Security, has been reviewed by the national Computing at School (CAS) group.

Robot employed as a receptionist in the Computer Science building
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Two students of Computer Science and Electronics, Marios Harrane and Andreas Anastasiades, developed for their final project a robotic receptionist for the Computer Science building. Once the robot recognizes a person in front of it, it asks if it can help locate a member of staff, recognizes names of most staff working in the building, and gives directions pointing with its robotic arm.

Latest research results in machine learning and data mining published
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Four papers by researchers of Bristol's Intelligent Systems Laboratory have been accepted for publication and oral presentation at two premier machine learning and data mining conferences.

Exciting HPC conference in Bristol
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There is still time to register for next week's Many-core and Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conference (MRSC), which this year is being held at the University of Bristol from April 11-13th. MRSC is Europe's largest conference focusing on the use of GPUs and FPGAs in High Performance Computing (HPC).

ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Nigel Smart
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Professor Nigel Smart in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol has been awarded a major European Research Council grant, of over 2 million Euros, for his project 'Cryptographic Research Involving Practical and Theoretical Outlooks'.

Cryptography Group Launches Industrial Advisory Board
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The Cryptography group at Bristol, today announces the setting up of an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB plan to meet once a year to discuss the research portfolio and directions of the Cryptography group at Bristol. We hope that the new board will result in greater interaction in the area of cryptography between academia and industry.

IAS funding for Workshop on Energy-Aware COmputing (EACO)
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Dr Kerstin Eder and Prof David May have secured funding from the Institute for Advanced Studies to run a series of three workshops on Energy-Aware COmputing between now and September 2011. These workshops bring together researchers with a common interest in pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in computation.

One Million Pound Grant To Compute on Encrypted Data
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Bristol's Cryptography Group has secured a grant from EPSRC worth almost one million pounds to support research which will hopefully transform security applications in the future. The grant will enable us to continue our work on Fully Homomorphic Encryption and on Multi-Party Computation. Both are forms of technology which enables one to compute on encrypted data.

University Teaching Award
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The department would like to congratulate Colin Dalton who has been awarded a 2011 University Teaching Award. Judged by a panel of Faculty Education Directors chaired by Professor Avril Waterman-Pearson, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) the award is to recognise and celebrate achievements in teaching and learning in the University.

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