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Bristol takes the lead in Advanced Verification
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Cadence has selected the University of Bristol to be a lead university in Advanced Verification to head the Cadence Academic Network in Europe. Dr Kerstin Eder, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, has been invited to present her pioneering work in setting up Design Verification within a Computer Science degree programme at the Cadence Academic Network Symposium in April 2008.

Student Spin Out Company Gets Bought By Major US Company
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Matthew Baldwin's final year project in 2002 on email encryption resulted in him setting up a company called Identum, with help from academic members of staff in the Dept of Computer Science. Last month Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in Internet content security, announced the acquisition of Identum.

ADEPT project to merge two sub-fields of machine learning
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Tim Kovacs and James Marshall of the Machine Learning and Biological Computation Group will commence the EPSRC-funded ADEPT (Adaptive Dynamic Ensemble Prediction Techniques) project in April 2008. External collaborators are Gavin Brown of the University of Manchester and Jeremy Wyatt of the University of Birmingham. In total the project will feature 2 RAs and 2 PhD students.

Widening participation through robot programming
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This month was the annual robot programming event, organized once a year for local students aged around 15-17. The general aim is to encourage more students to go to University through a series of challenging tasks and events. See more details and a video in the full story.

Real-time Vision Group to Lead 1.4M GBP Project to Develop Next Generation Mapping Systems
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The Real-Time Vision Group will be the technical lead in a recently awarded project to develop the next generation of mapping systems. The group is led by Dr Andrew Calway and Dr Walterio Mayol-Cuevas and their work on visual SLAM will be central to the new project. Worth over 1.4M GBP, the 2 year ViewNet project will be funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the EPSRC and Industrial Partners.

CACE aims to provide cryptographic software development tools
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January 2008 saw the official kick-off of a 4.8 million euro, EU FP7 funded research project called Computer Aided Cryptography Engineering (CACE), the project supports a total of 12 partners including 7 academic partners, 4 industrial partners and the project coordinator, Technikon.

Two Lecturers to Present at IBM
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Two staff members, Colin Dalton and Nigel Smart, will this year be presenting at IBM's Blue Fusion event. This event runs throughout National Science Week and aims to inspire school children into pursuing careers in science, engineering and technology.

Bristol Professor Named In Top 35 People, Places, & Things That Will Shape The Future
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The EE Times today announced Professor David May as one of the top 35 people, places, and things that will shape the future. Citing his current work with XMOS on Software-Defined Silicon, as well as his pioneering work with the transputer.

Cryptographer Given Honorary Degree
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Today Clifford Cocks was given an honorary degree by the University of Bristol. Clifford was the first person to invent a practical method for public key encryption and was also the inventor of one of the first identity based encryption mechanisms. He was also a major influence behind the founding of the Heilbronn Institute in Bristol.

Bristol academics help children find their way
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Ever come out of a London Underground station and not known where you were? Then you spot a familiar landmark like the Tower of London and suddenly you have your bearings? New research from the Departments of Computer Science and Psychology shows for the first time that global positioning systems technology (GPS) can be used to show how children as young as three find their way around.

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