This handbook draws together information and advice about Computer Science at Bristol - the Department, its people, its working methods and its programmes. The handbook is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students (as a guide), and staff (as a reference). You should read it carefully even if you have already spent time in the Department, as there are continual changes.

Last year was an unprecedented time of change, and this year 2012-3 will be a time of consolidation. There has been very little change to the structure and content of our courses, following last year's radical reorganisation. The major changes to the rules for progressing from one year to the next, and the rules for determining degree grades, are still being rolled forwards, with some students under the old rules and some students under the new ones. We are still struggling to come to terms with some of the changes in university, faculty and school structures which have happened in the last couple of years.

It is difficult express everything accurately in this handbook. So if you have any comments on the content of this handbook (including incorrect or missing information), then please let a member of staff know.

Copyright notice and disclaimer

Unless stated otherwise, the information in this handbook relates to the session 2012/2013, and does not commit the department or university in respect of subsequent sessions.

This handbook was written by the staff of the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. © 2012 University of Bristol, all rights reserved.