Computer Science Department Registration Procedures


Draft 3, 19/9/01

Aims and objectives of the procedures

The registration procedures concern the entry of students into the Computer Science Department.

This includes new undergraduates, returning students, taught MSc students, PhD students, and students taking computer science as a subsidiary subject.

The objectives of the procedures are:

Key people

Registration for undergraduate students involves all academic, administrative and support staff, but the key people are:


Summary of the key dates in the registration cycle.


Planning for Week 0.

Handbook preparation

See procedures for Handbook Preparation.

Pre-registration mailing to students

The letters should be signed by the Director of Studies and should ask the student to inform the Director of Studies of his or her Option Units via email.

Week 0 programme preparation

Registering new 1st year undergraduate students

Registering undergraduate returning students

Returning undergraduate students are pre-registered. Students are asked to confirm their choice of units. Each year group is allocated a time for completing this procedure. Staff required to be present at these sessions are

Registering new undergraduate students in later years

New students entering directly into years 2 to 4 are registered at the same time as the Department's returning undergraduate students.

Registering subsidiary students

The subsidiary unit COMS12302 has upper limits on the number of students that can be registered for them. Currently this is 80 for COMS12302. The students must be assigned to a particular laboratory session in the week. This allocation must take into account the limits on laboratory classes.

Registering Study Abroad and Socrates students

Registering MSc and PhD students

Registration for students on taught postgraduate programmes and registration for PhD research students.

Assignment of tutors

At the Departmental Session involving group work the students are required to complete a questionnaire devised by Dr Belbin for classifying people into different team roles. This information, together with information about their optional units, is used to place students into tutor groups

Entering data on departmental database

Changing and updating information on departmental database

When notification is received of changes such as a change of course or a change of registered units, the database needs to be updated.

These changes need to made as soon as possible, since they affect computer accounts, email addresses, inclusion in email lists, coursework progress lists, etc.

This means that, in cases where the official University or Faculty status of a student changes, the database needs to be changed before the relevant information appears in official databases.

Ensuring consistency and completeness of records

At present, this is achieved by ad hoc means and by vigilance.