DRAFT Student Administration

Keeping Records

The department maintains a database containing all students taking Computer Science units, together with details of the units they are registered for, and their coursework marks to date. The information in the database is available to all staff and students in the department, allowing them to check the details.

There are several ways to view the data. A unit director can see the list of students on the unit, to find out who should be handing in coursework, and must maintain coursework marks. A tutor can check on the progress of their tutees. A student can view the units they are registered for.

Recording Coursework Marks

A unit director is responsible for keeping coursework records up to date during the year. Some of the work of collecting or recording coursework marks may be delegated to postgraduates or administrative staff, but it is ultimately the director's responsibility to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the recorded information. Moreover, a director keeps an authoritative written or printed record of the marks for each piece of coursework to guard against loss or alteration of computer data.

No gaps should appear in the coursework records; if a mark does not appear, then there is an annotation to indicate that the coursework has been received and is being marked, or that an extension has been granted, or that an absence on medical grounds has been allowed.