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Guidelines for project advisers

The project adviser is responsible for guiding and advising his/her students in the course of their projects. No single style of project supervision is appropriate for all staff, students and projects; the guidelines are based on three principles:
  1. ensuring the availability of the adviser to give advice and guidance where it is needed, and
  2. identifying lack of progress, or errors in the direction of progress, as early as possible and advising suitable corrective actions, and
  3. the ultimate responsibility of the student, not the adviser, for carrying out the project.
To help ensure that these principles are followed, it is recommended that the adviser and student agree on regular meeting times, say fortnightly, from an early stage of the project. Such meetings can be short but allow the adviser to monitor progress even if no advice is needed by the student.

Lack of contact, say for 3 or 4 weeks, from the student should be noted by the adviser in an e-mail to the student, with a request for an update on progress. A copy of such e-mails should be retained by the adviser.

These guidelines complement the guidelines to students given in the Handbook. The student's responsibility to keep regular contact with the adviser, and seek his or her advice, is emphasised there.