Policy for Use of Shared Office or Lab Space

Shared working space can be a source of joy and/or nuisance. To make sure that it doesn't become just a nuisance a few essential rules (the lab policy) must be observed not only as a courtesy to each other, but mainly to ensure that everyone has a space to work without distractions.

The Lab Policy

  1. All staff members and students are asked to respect other staff members and students by keeping noise levels to a minimum.
  2. Please keep conversations between 2 or more people quiet and short, and move into another space if this is not possible. In some labs there are dedicated rooms for this so please do make use of them.
  3. For all types of audio output please do use a headset.
  4. Cell phones should be turned to a vibrate/silent setting. If you must make or answer a call then please keep it quiet and short or find another space.
  5. Food/drink, breaks: please if you make a break and enjoy some food/drinks be respectful to other people who are working and find another space if you want to have a chat.
  6. If you have a visitor please do make this person aware of this lab policy and for extended conversations please find another space.
Whenever you are uncertain whether or not your behaviour is within the limits of this policy, please do ask your fellow lab users for feedback.