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Undergraduate Admissions

The UCAS application form

All applicants for undergraduate courses, apart from internal transfers, apply through UCAS. Prospective students apply for up to five courses.

The forms start to arrive in the department from UCAS in October and can arrive up to the end of June. However the vast majority come in by the end of December.

All offers are made through UCAS. The decision on each application is entered by Admissions Tutors on the form, and UCAS then informs the candidate officially of the decision. The decision can be to accept Unconditionally (U), accept with some Conditions (C), or Reject (R).

When a candidate has received decisions for all courses, he or she has to choose which course to accept and which to reject. Each applicant has to make one Firm choice (F) and normally one Insurance choice (I), in case they do not achieve the conditions of their Firm choice.

Main dates and deadlines

To be found in the UCAS literature: approximate dates are

Departmental responsibilities

Check-List of Actions for Admissions Team

Databases, Reports and Statistics

The Faculty has set up a database, which is downloaded from Senate House. This allows access to the UCAS form details and allows recording of the decisions, admissions day dates and predicted grades etc.

The Admissions Office in Senate House sends fortnightly statistics on applications and decisions.

Decision Procedure