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Internet Technologies with Security

The integration of computers, communications and electronics is now being realised. Their use will profoundly affect the way in which we learn, work and use our leisure time. Distance learning, home employment, remote manufacturing and tele-surgery are but a few of the opportunities offered by the information superhighway.

This programme aims to introduce you to the most important aspects of networked applications, databases, servers, legal issues, security issues, and cryptography. Graduates will be equipped for a wide variety of employment in the computing industry and in wider fields such as commerce and banking. The programme will also give graduates the knowledge and experience to continue studying for a PhD, or to enter a career in research.


The aim of the programme is to produce computer professionals who are familiar with all aspects of internet technologies and are able to produce solutions for problems in creating, securing and deploying secure applications over the internet. At the end of this programme you will be able to: