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Unit Details

Unit code Title Credits Weeks Unit director
COMS10001 Programming and Algorithms II 2013-24 Tilo Burghardt
COMS10002 Programming and Algorithms I 201-12 Ian Holyer
COMS10003 Mathematical Methods for Computer Scientists 201-24 Andrew Calway
COMS11700 Theory of Computation 1013-24 Bogdan Warinschi
COMS12200 Introduction to Computer Architecture 201-24 David May
COMS20001 Concurrent Computing 201-24 Tilo Burghardt
COMS20002 Communication, complexity and number theory 1013-24 Nigel Smart
COMS20600 Concurrency 101-12 Tilo Burghardt
COMS20700 Databases 1013-24 David Bernhard
COMS21103 Data Structures and Algorithms 201-12 Dima Damen
COMS21202 Symbols, Patterns and Signals 2013-24 Dima Damen
COMS21301 Human-Computer Interaction 101-10 Mike Fraser
COMS21301 Human-Computer Interaction 101-10 Anne Roudaut
COMS22201 Language Engineering 201-24 Steve Gregory
COMS30001 Year Abroad 1201-24 Kerstin Eder
COMS30002 Cryptography A 101-12 Martijn Stam
COMS30003 Computational Bioinformatics 1013-24 Julian Gough
COMS30004 High Performance Computing 201-12 Simon McIntosh-Smith
COMS30106 Artificial Intelligence with Logic Programming 1013-24 Peter Flach
COMS30115 Computer Graphics 1013-24 Carl Ek
COMS30121 Image Processing and Computer Vision 101-12 Andrew Calway
COMS30121 Image Processing and Computer Vision 101-12 Tilo Burghardt
COMS30127 Computational Neuroscience 1013-24 Conor Houghton
COMS30301 Introduction to Machine Learning 101-12 Peter Flach
COMS30400 Group Project 401-22 Colin Dalton
COMS30901 Applied Security 1013-24 Dan Page
COMS31000 Character and Set Design 101-12 Colin Dalton
COMS31700 Design Verification 101-12 Kerstin Eder
COMS31900 Advanced Algorithms 1013-24 Benjamin Sach
COMS31900 Advanced Algorithms 1013-24 Benjamin Sach
COMS32300 Sustainability, Technology and Business 101-12 Chris Preist
COMS32500 Web Technologies 1013-24 Ian Holyer
COMSM0006 Sustainability, Technology and Business 101-12 Chris Preist
COMSM0007 Cryptography B 1013-24 Martijn Stam
COMSM0010 Cloud Computing 101-12 Seth Bullock
COMSM0010 Cloud Computing 101-12 David Cliff
COMSM0011 Individual Project: Research Proposal 2012-24 Seth Bullock
COMSM0012 Robotics Systems PG 1013-24 Walterio Mayol-Cuevas
COMSM0013 Animation Production 20- Colin Dalton
COMSM0104 Web Technologies 1013-24 Ian Holyer
COMSM0111 Individual Project: Implementation 4013-24 Dan Page
COMSM0305 Learning in Autonomous Systems 101-12 Tim Kovacs
COMSM1201 Programming in C 301-12 Neill Campbell
COMSM1211 Programming in C 201-12 Neill Campbell
COMSM1302 Overview of Computer Architecture 201-12 Steven Kerrison
COMSM1401 Software Engineering and Group Project 201-12 Kirsten Cater
COMSM1500 Systems Security 101-12 David Bernhard
COMSM2001 Server Software 1013-24 Steve Gregory
COMSM2005 Law and IT 101-12 Andrew Charlesworth
COMSM2006 Algorithmic and Economic Aspects of the Internet 101-12 David Cliff
COMSM2202 Research Skills 2013-24 Oliver Ray
COMSM3201 MSc Project Computer Science 6025-36 Oliver Ray
COMSM4111 Robotic Systems 101-12 Walterio Mayol-Cuevas