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The Real-time Vision Group will lead a £1.4M project to develop the next generation of mapping systems

The Real-Time Vision Group will be the technical leaders on a recently awarded project to develop the next generation of localisation and mapping systems. The ViewNet project is worth 1.4M over two years and will be funded jointly by the UK Technology Strategy Board, the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and a consortium of Industrial Partners.

This high profile project aims to develop distributed localization and user-assisted mapping systems based on the fusion of multiple sensing technologies, including the group's visual SLAM system, inertial sensors, UWB and GPS. The system will be delivered by an ad-hoc wireless communication network, capable of supporting multiple users equipped with handheld or wearable devices and operating over multiple carrier technologies. The communications element of the project will be carried out by the Centre for Communications Research.

The target application is the rapid mapping of previously unseen environments by teams of networked users, enabling the generation of virtual representations of scene geometry and content, and its visualization by advanced techniques such as augmented reality and shared workspaces. The project will focus on the development of such a system for use by the security services.

The project is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Real-Time Vision Group in Computer Science, the Centre for Communications Research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a consortium of market leading technology companies, including Thales, Toshiba, Sepura, TRW Conekt, Comsine, Micron and ST Microelectronics, as well as government agencies such as the National Physical Laboratory and the Home Office. The consortium is led by 3C Research.

Further information on the project and the ViewNet consortium can be found on the 3C Research project page. Vacancies for Research Assistants to work on the project are now available.