Crypto Study Groups

From October 2015 we are doing something different with our study groups. Each presenter will give a 30 minute talk on "The Best Paper You've Read This Year". This will then be followed by discussion by the rest of the group. Within a week of the talk, the presenter will publish a short blog post about the paper and any discussion that took place. For consistency with the previous format, I have essentially guessed a classification 'G', 'T' or 'P' (General, Theory or Practice) for each of the suggested papers, but this is a very loose guide.

Goals of the Study Group

Before proceeding let's describe what our goals are (in no particular order):

This will only work if enough people turn up having read the papers and are ready to engage with the discussion.

Academic Year 2016/2017

Type Date Paper Presenter Blog post
Theory 29/09/2016

On the Impossibility of Tight Cryptographic Reductions

Ryan Link
General 06/10/2016

Crying Wolf: An Empirical Study of SSL Warning Effectiveness

Tim Link
Theory 20/10/2016

A subfield lattice attack on overstretched NTRU assumptions: Cryptanalysis of some FHE and Graded Encoding Schemes

Ana Link
Practice 27/10/2016

Towards Sound Fresh Re-Keying with Hard (Physical) Learning Problems

Marco Link
Practice 03/11/2016

Dedup Est Machina: Memory Deduplication as an Advanced Exploitation Vector

Joey Link
Theory 10/11/2016

All Your Queries Are Belong to Us: The Power of File-Injection Attacks on Searchable Encryption

Dragos Link
Practice 17/11/2016

Accelerating Homomorphic Computations on Rational Numbers

Theory 24/11/2016

Cross&Clean: Amortized Garbled Circuits with Constant Overhead

Theory 01/12/2016

Server-Aided Two-Party Computation with Minimal Connectivity in the Simultaneous Corruption Model

Theory 15/12/2016

Adaptively Secure Computation with Partial Erasures

Practice 26/01/2017

A survey: Attacks on RPL and 6LoWPAN in IoT

Theory 02/02/2017

GADAPT: A Sequential Game-Theoretic Framework for Designing Defense-in-Depth Strategies Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Theory 16/02/2017

Verifiability Notions for E-Voting Protocols

David B
Theory 09/03/2017

Authenticated Encryption with Variable Stretch

Theory 27/04/2017

Partitioned Group Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange


Academic Year 2015/2016

Type Date Paper Presenter Blog Post
G 1 October 2015

Attacking and Fixing PKCS#11 Tokens

Ryan Link
T 8 October 2015

Provably Weak Instances of Ring-LWE

Ana Link
P 29 October 2015

The New South Wales iVote System: Security Failures and Verifications Flaws in a Live Online Election

David Link
T 5 November 2015

Secure Multi-Party Computation with Identifiable Abort

Peter Link
T 12 November 2015

Deja Q: Using Dual Systems to Revisit q-Type Assumptions

Saqib Link
T 26 November 2015

Combining online learning and equilibrium computation in security games

Chris Link
P 3 December 2015

Peek-a-Boo, I Still See You: Why Efficient Traffic Analysis Countermeasures Fail

Yan Link
T 17 December 2015

Black-Box Garbled RAM

Marcel Link
T 21 January 2016

Cryptanalysis of the Multilinear Map over the Integers

Srinivas Link
T 28 January 2016

A Modular Framework for Building Variable-Input-Length Tweakable Ciphers

Guy Link
G 4 February 2016

Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data without Additional Independent Servers

Gareth Link
T 11 February 2016

Proofs of Space / Spacecoin: A Cryptocurrency Based on Proofs of Space

Sergiu Link
P 18 February 2016

Side Channel Power Analysis of an AES-256 Bootloader

Jake Link
T 3 March 2016

Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls

Susan Link
G 10 March 2016

A Personal View of Average-Case Complexity

Dan Link
G 17 March 2016

Leakage Assessment Methodology - a Clear Roadmap for Side-Channel Evaluations

Luke Link
G 24 March 2016

The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work

Carolyn Link
T 31 March 2016

Du-Vote: Remote Electronic Voting with Untrusted Computers

Guillaume Link
P 7 April 2016

The Temperature Side Channel and Heating Fault Attacks

Joey Link
T 14 April 2016

Protecting Obfuscation Against Algebraic Attacks

Tim Link
T 21 April 2016

Robustness of the Learning with Errors Assumption

Marco Link
T 28 April 2016

Cryptography with One-Way Communication

Emmanuela Link

Academic Year 2014/2015

Type Date Topic Title and Papers Presenters Blog Post and Author
G 18 June 2015

Near Collision Side Channel Attacks

Jake Marcel
P 11 June 2015

Attacking PUF-Based Pattern Matching Key Generators via Helper Data Manipulation

Marcin Emmanuela
G 4 June 2015

The Web Never Forgets: Persistent Tracking Mechanisms in the Wild

Luke David McCann
T 28 May 2015

Breaking Soliloquy

Ana Ryan
T 21 May 2015

One-Round Key Exchange with Strong Security: An Efficient and Generic Construction in the Standard Model

Bin Susan
G 14 May 2015

A Game-theoretic Approach to Security and Power Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Kostas Marcin
P 7 May 2015

PixelVault: Using GPUs for Securing Cryptographic Operations

Jonathan Ana
T 23 Apr 2015

Do You Know the Definition of IND-CCA?

Susan Sergiu
P 19 Mar 2015

Soft Analytical Side-Channel Attacks

Dan M Carolyn
T 05 Mar 2015


Marcel Peter
G 19 Feb 2015

Linearly Homomorphic Encryption from DDH

Chris Guillaume
G 26 Feb 2015

"In Lieu of Swap: Analyzing Compressed RAM in Mac OS X and Linux"

George Jonathan
P 12 Feb 2015

Attacking Suggest Boxes in Web Applications Over HTTPS Using Side-Channel Stochastic Algorithms

Yan Valentina
T 05 Feb 2015

Yet Another (Probably) Hard Problem with Neat Crypto Applications:

Ryan Dan M
T 29 Jan 2015

Solving the Shortest Vector Problem in 2^n Time via Discrete Gaussian Sampling

Joop Carolyn
T 11 Dec 2014

XLS: Security, insecurity and consequences

Guy Gareth
P 4 Dec 2014

Efficient Smart Phone Forensics Based on Relevance Feedback

Panos Yan
G 27 Nov 2014

Security of Symmetric Encryption against Mass Surveillance

Gareth -
T 20 Nov 2014

Practical hash-based signatures: Eliminating the state

Peter Ryan
G 13 Nov 2014

Network Security Risk Assessment Using Bayesian Belief Networks

Shan Chris
T 13 Nov 2014

Introduction to Formal Methods

Guillaume -
P 30 Oct 2014

Simple Power Analysis on AES Key Expansion Revisited

Valentina Luke
T 23 Oct 2014

Improved Short Lattice Signatures in the Standard Model

Emmanuela Joop
T 16 Oct 2014

Witness-indistinguishable proofs

Sergiu David B
P 30 Oct 2014

Compiler-based Side Channel Vulnerability Analysis and Optimised Countermeasures Application

David McCann Jake
T 9 Oct 2014

Plaintext Awareness and Signed ElGamal

David B Guy