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Bristol Algorithms Days 2010
Feasibility Workshop

15 - 16 February 2010

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Streams ? A Scalable Streaming Analytics Platform from IBM

Mark D. Feblowitz

Some analysis problems are simply beyond the capabilities of traditional mining of data at rest ? when data volumes are extremely high, when data flow is unrelenting, when processing needs exceed available resources, when analysis strategies must be agile, when multiple alternative analytic strategies must be pursued simultaneously, when answers are needed ? urgently. With these needs in mind, IBM and the US Government jointly built System S, the stream processing research platform that is now the commercially available IBM InfoSphere Streams. From its inception the priorities for System S were clear: to distill meaningful analyses from torrents of data in motion and to do so in a timely manner a scalable, high-performance platform is essential. After many dozens of person-years of research and focused development, IBM InfoSphere Streams has emerged as a commercially available software platform for scalably and flexibly deploying stream processing analytics. This talk describes the Streams platform, its approach to applying potentially complex analytics to data in motion, and describes several extant scientific, commercial, and public sector applications. If circumstances permit, a live demonstration will provide a glimpse of stream processing in action, using both the Streams product and MARIO, emerging technology from IBM Research that automatically assembles flow-based, cross-platform compositions of analytics.


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