Bristol Algorithm Days


18 - 20th Feb 2007

Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

BAD'07 has now concluded, see BAD'08

Many of the talks are now online on the schedule page.

General Information

Bristol Algorithm Days (BAD'07) will be held at the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol, in Bristol, on 18-20 February, 2007. The aim of BAD'07 is to gather researchers and students interested in the study of theoretical and practical aspects of algorithms.

This workshop is funded by ``Bridging the Gaps", an EPSRC-funded initiatiave to set up an environment that nurtures interdisciplinary working, with the aim of developing new collaborative research programmes at the interface between mathematical sciences, information and computing technology and engineering.


The following is a list of participants for BAD'07 :-


In the spirit of the workshop we invite participants to present work and ideas in many areas of algorithmics. Some of the general topics include (but are not limited to) :-


The following speakers have confirmed that they will give talks at BAD'07


All the presentations will be allocated in 30 minutes slots (including questions). There will be 3 sessions per day with each session being chaired.

The days' sessions should be finished before 5:30pm.



The workshop will take place entirely at Burwalls.

Organising Committee

Raphaël Clifford

email: clifford AT cs bris ac uk
tel: (+44 117) 3315147
fax: (+44 117 ) 9545208

Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol
BS8 1UB, Bristol, UK

Paul Sant

tel: (+44 1582) 743018
fax: (+44 1582) 489323

Department of Computing and Information Systems
University of Bedfordshire
LU1 3JU, Luton, UK

Nello Cristianini

email: Nello Cristianini
tel: (+44 117) 33 17782

Department of Engineering Mathematics
University of Bristol
BS8 1UB, Bristol, UK


Registration for BAD'07 is now closed.


This is a two day meeting with the assumption that most of the participants will arrive on Sunday and leave on Tuesday after 5pm. We will help to arrange fully subsidised accommodation for as many people who want stay in Bristol as possible. If you wish to take advantage of this then please contact the organisers.


Bristol International airport is about 20 minutes by bus/taxi from the University and has flights to most locations in Europe and also directly to New York. Alternatively, London Heathrow is under two hours away by direct bus or train via London.

For travel to the University of Bristol follow these guides. Some funds are available to cover travel to and from Bristol, especially for PhD/postdoc participants. Please contact the organisers for further details.

Other information

We will try to make participants lives as easy as possible (email access, space for discussion, tea/coffee/cookie access, etc) Please do not hesitate with any questions/suggestions that you may have.